Monday, October 24, 2011

Days 13-20: Still Listening but Wrestling with Discipline...and more

So I apparently lack writing discipline.  Big time.

What began as an earnest, if goofy, mission to discipline myself to write each and every day has, at least at the outset, fallen on it's royal behind.

And my excuse? There really isn't one.

Sure, there've been a few difficult days, a few days where I've been gone from early in the morning till late in the evening.  Yes, I am a husband and a father (and anyone who's worn those hats truly gets what's being said there.) And yes, I have worked on some other writing elements, churning out some work for some of my other outlets. 

But in the meantime?  Well, I've been slacking.  But, I have been listening.

So, in short, here are the albums I've rocked over the past week:

Frank Sinatra - Christmas Through the Years (Gotta be honest; this one is a bit of a disappointment.  The Chairman is a legend but he doesn't quite shine on this one...)

Newsboys - Christmas! A Newsboys Holiday (Again, another disappointment; fun enough but, from an artistic standpoint, this one just feels phoned in...)

Various Artists - O Come All Ye Faithful (Not bad but there are definitely better compilations to be had)

Yule Logs - The Yule Logs (Absolutely fun, fun, fun album by guys who clearly dig Christmas...with jams like "Christmastime is Here (Again)" and "Christmas is Lonely (When You're a Jew)", what's not to love?)

VeggieTales - The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree (Can you tell I had help picking out what I was listening to?)

David Phelps - Joy, Joy (Not for everyone but for those with an ear for something more classical or sophisticated, Phelps is as good as it gets...Great voice, good arrangements, and the holidays are on!)

Diana Ross & The Supremes - Merry Christmas (Fun, classic, legit.)

Andrea Bocelli - My Christmas (Pretty much what you'd expect...)

Amy Grant - The Christmas Collection (Great collection of warm and heartfelt Christmas songs crafted over the years...Plus, you've gotta love the addition of "I Need a Silent Night"; a track parents can connect with.)

Celine Dion - These Are Special Times (Over the top, dramatic, and perfect for the holidays)

Various Artists - Christmas on the Border (One of those el-cheapo compilations that actually works with featured studio musicans, artists...)

So, like I said, I might've slacked on the documenting but I haven't dropped the ball on the listening.  Granted, I'm gonna need to step it up a bit but I think I'm on a good pace.

Stay tuned...I'm getting back on track...

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