Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 21-36: Officially a Slacker...But the Music Goes On!

Yeah, so, like I said in my last post, I officially suck.  If I was out to build in some discipline with my writing by keeping this blog up to date day by day, well, you get the picture. 

Pretty sad when the title of a post contains about two weeks worth of days, right?

Anyway, today's not gonna be stellar but I feel obligated to share that the challenge does continue and, while my writing has not quite made it here, I have been listening and making some headway. 

So without further ado, here're the holiday albums I've rocked in the interim:

Hillsong - Celebrating Christmas

Bebo Norman - Christmas From the Realms of Glory

Over the Rhine - Snow Angels (Great record!)

Shane & Shane - Glory in the Highest (Fun but not a must have unfortunately...)

Neil Diamond - The Christmas Album (Hey, it's Neil!  Can you go wrong?)

Various Artists - Happy Christmas Vol. 2 (Nice change up from the usual Christmas flow...)

Various Artists - Sounds of the Season: R&B Collection

Various Artists - Christmas Time's A-Comin' (Gotta tap into that bluegrass vein...)

Various Artists - Mary Did You Know?

Leann Rimes - What A Wonderful World (Not as great as you'd anticipate...)

Sonos - December Songs

EmmyLou Harris - Light of the World (Pretty great!)

Natalie Grant - Believe (Great, upbeat and powerful vocals!)

Jimi Hendrix - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

David Phelps - One Wintry Night (Not as strong as his others but still great...)

Michael Buble - Christmas (One of 2011's best Christmas records thus far...)

Etta James - 12 Songs of Christmas

The Isaacs - Christmas Spirit (Such a talented family...)

MercyMe - The Christmas Sessions (Still one of my more recent favorites...)

Beach Boys - Beach Boys Christmas (Can you go wrong with the Beach Boys?)

B.B. King - The Christmas Collection

Mark Lowry - Mary Did You Know

Selah - Rose of Bethlehem (Awesome, worshipful experience...)

Various Artists - Jesus, The Best Gift of All

James Brown - The Christmas Collection

Wynonna - A Classic Christmas

Okay, it's late and I'm tired and I just don't have the energy to keep linking.  I'll be back to it tomorrow.

I hope...:)