Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Four: No Progress and a Lot to Go...

So today was the first full-on fail day of the experiment so far.  Which, only four days in, doesn't bode well for the future. 

Why? Well, one could argue multiple things but, the bottom line was that imposing Christmas music upon those not engaged in such a social experiment as this is a rather dicey thing.  Just knowing my wife, I had a pretty good idea that, were I to suggest that we rock out to some "Jingle Bells" along the way to church or as we munched on our wholesome chicken nugget lunch with the kiddos, she'd simply give me the finger.  Or something akin to that.

So I kept things on the DL today.

I did take the opportunity tonight, as my wife and kids were away for a few hours, to finish listening to the Garth album.  I'm a slave to certain rules and, in giving myself this challenge, I've committed to listening to each album in it's totality and, since I didn't finish Garth up yesterday, I felt obliged.  So I did.

Meanwhile, in order to give some perspective, I tried to dig through my music collection and get some idea of exactly how many albums I have to listen to between now and Christmas day.

The total? 236 albums, give or take a few that may turn up in the next bit of time.  Plus, let's be honest, the collection will undeniably grow this year as well so we're staring down quite a monster.

Gearing up for some big holiday cheer tomorrow...

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