Monday, October 10, 2011

Day Five: David Crowder and Jewel Ring in the Day

I got back on track today.  In order to appease my son and keep him on my side, we kicked off the commute to school with the David Crowder Band's Oh For Joy, a great new Christmas release we'd picked up a few weeks ago.  My son seemingly endures the majority of the album, enjoying it, but eventually turning and asking if we can switch it to track eight, the DC*B's fun take on Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Carol of the Bells/Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24.)"  It's a great jam for sure and closes out a great album in a grand way.  (For those that care, there's definitely a review brewing on that bad boy!)

After dropping the kids off and finishing off the Crowder record, I moved on to a new acquisition to my collection, Jewel's Joy: A Holiday Collection.  I'd picked it up somewhere along the way earlier this year and, for whatever reason, hadn't listened to it yet.  It was a pleasant surprise, as Jewel, rather than opting for the Andy Williams vibe or in overworking these tracks, had the good sense to keep things classy, letting stark symphonic arrangements set the table for her multi-faceted vocal.  A good snag, that one.

I've gotta say that today's Christmas excursion was pleasantly enjoyable.  I found myself smiling on the way to work as DC*B's takes on "O Holy Night" and "Silent Night" reverberated throughout my car.  There's something calming about this music, and the season, that brings a legitimate peace to those looking for it.  Particularly in such a crazy world.  But you do have to be open to it.  Otherwise, you're toast.

The other thing that I'm finding is that my mind is jumping ahead toward the holidays.  I'm thinking of Christmas food (maybe a big family party?), I'm thinking of Christmas gifts (yes, I've mentally started my list and brainstorming thoughts for others), and I'm thinking of the season overall.  How can we better celebrate Advent this year?  How can we give more to others this year?  And yes, how can we step up the decorations this year too?  (I'm not all cerebral and holy...)

Does Christmas music do that to you?  Am I crazy doing this?

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