Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Aradia - Possibilities: Light EP

Some artists come into their musical lives unexpectedly, discovering their talent and love for the craft later in life. Others, like up and coming artist Aradia, are simply born into it.

Aradia was born in metropolitan New York City to a musician/musical therapist and a ballet dancer. With music in her blood, she took to playing the piano at the age of three, flute at eight and guitar at fourteen while constantly honing her voice in any which way should could. She eventually enrolled in the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College but became disenchanted with the unexpected politics of the classical music world and turned to the world of rock for a new muse.
That turn led her to a gig with Some Band, performing at legendary venues like The Bitter End and The Wetlands before she eventually headed to Atlanta by way of Los Angeles with her longtime collaborator and musical mentor Wirth Lawson. There the two formed Twelfth Planet and rocked the Atlanta clubs for nearly three years, garnering the artist some much needed seasoning and experience, finding her ready and prepared for a solo career as the band came to an end.

With a full length album and an EP under her belt, the artist now calls Seattle home and mines that experience for material on her latest offering, the Possibilities: Light EP. The album is a set of six colorful tracks arrayed in pop, rock, and electronica sounds, blending a sense of 1980’s nu-wave sensibilities together with eclectic, modern vibes recalling artists like Blondie, Lady Gaga, and Bjork.
Aradia gets things off to a start with the synth pop fills of “The Light,” her vocals stark against an electronica background of sound that eventually fleshes out into something full and nuanced. It’s not the most accessible of tracks and, in that respect, will get things off to a rough start for some listeners yet “Trouble” will right that wrong quickly. A driving programming line provides an old school element while raging guitars and swelling vocals buoy the track to a new place, the layers of sound creating something that is definitely unique and interesting.

“Today” finds the artist working through a minor chord feeling jam as she lyrically deals with the danger of seizing the day, singing, “I thought I saw myself today/I asked her to come out and play/I traveled to another time/So I could make the moment mine.” In addition to the obvious electronica elements, there’s something of an indie vibe to the track as well, largely due to Aradia’s vocal delivery, that gives the track extra life as well while “On Fire,” with crunchy electronic elements and a rocking beat stands as the most accessible and danceable track here. Reminiscent of Lady Gaga and Madonna, the artist rocks through lyrics that outline her journey of coming to a sense of freedom, her vocals showcasing that with their emotional flair and are undergirded by the powerful arrangement.
“Slow Ur Roll” is something of a disappointment, the electro-pop blips and beeps well performed but ultimately uninspiring. Thankfully, “Keep On” closes things out with a track that will find listeners wanting to keep on listening. Colored with playful Middle Eastern flair, the artist brings the old together with the new, Sitar meeting with programmed percussion and more while her vocal ebbs and flows, showing solid strength on a solidly creative closer.

Aradia is an artist that, by her very nature, will not be embraced by all. Yet, for those with more eclectic tastes and adventurous spirits, the Possibilities: Light EP has plenty to draw their interest. The artist draws from a diverse palette and paints with broad, compelling strokes, crafting a set of songs that are eclectic, imaginative, and compelling.

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