Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Meredith O'Connor - Meredith O'Connor EP

So many artists gracing the radio waves these days are simply content to craft a catchy hook and ride the wave. For so many, it’s about getting folks moving on the dance floor and setting a mood, all while they race to the world of fame and fortune. And while there’s nothing exactly wrong with that, some music simply is just that, it’s fairly refreshing to run across an artist, and a young one at that, who has something positive to say.

Meet Meredith O’Connor.
O’Connor is a seventeen year-old singer/songwriter hailing from the hallowed streets of New York. While studying the arts, working on classical, Broadway, and pop voice training as well as theatrical work, performing in local and professional productions of shows like “Annie” and “Little Shop of Horrors,” the artist found her life in school rocky. Bullied throughout middle and high school, O’Connor’s fortunes changed when discovered by a Miss Teen USA scout and she soon found herself starting out on a successful and multifaceted career as a model, singer, and actress.

Now the artist is set to harness her passion and drive for music alongside her desire to offer encouragement and hope to those facing bullying as she did through the release of her debut EP.
Four songs in length, O’Connor presents a pretty diverse package, both lyrically and musically. Through “14 Miles” the artist combines edgy guitars and slick production that allows her to emotively growl through lyrics that speak hope to a young person in a relationship being taken advantage of. Its rock-edge works nicely and provides the artist’s solid vocals a nice template to shine.

“Celebrity” is a track that takes things in an entirely different direction, finding the young artist channeling another hit-maker in Taylor Swift. A playful pop-country vibe infects this song with its message of growing stronger through adversity holding strong throughout. The production is solid and again O’Connor’s vocals manage effectively here.
“Face That’s Perfect” is a more middle of the road release, offering up a pop-friendly soundscape and jangling guitars and something of a whimsical, retro arrangement. It also finds O’Connor shifting lyrical tones as she allows herself to step into the role of a teenager, pledging love and devotion to a lover on this sun-kissed track.

“The Game” is the artist’s lyrical opus, truly encapsulating her anti-bullying message and offering encouragement and hope, as well as challenging others to stand up against such injustices. She frames it within a keyboard and synth-laden frame, some insistent percussion keeping things moving forward. And we’re not the only ones that think so as this track has been tapped to be featured in the upcoming indie film, Red-Headed Randy, which will also star O’Connor in a leading role.
Meredith O’Connor is a great upcoming talent, showcasing an ability to write and perform. And the fact that she does so in a way that also allows her to bring hope and encouragement to others just solidifies the impression that this young woman makes. While there’s always room for growth, O’Connor is an artist who shows great promise. Stay tuned; you’re bound to hear more from her very soon.

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